Airway syndromes in paediatrics:


Pierre-Robin Sequence

·      Micrognathia -> glossoptosis -> cleft palate

·      Difficult laryngoscopy. Gets easier with age.

Treacher-Collins syndrome

·      = mandibulofacial dysostosis

·      Malformation of branchial arches 1&2

·      Midface hypoplasia, small mouth, TMJ abnormality

·      Difficult laryngoscopy. Gets harder with age.


·      Multiple subtypes

·      GAG accumulation

·      Large tongue, thickened mucosa, mandibular hypoplasia, tonsillar hypertrophy, TMJ dysfunction, short, immobile neck

·      Some subtypes associated with C-spine instability

·      Difficultly with both bag-mask ventilation and intubation


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