PS01 2010: Essential Training for Rural GP Anaesthetists


Overseen by JCCA (Joint Consultative Committee of Anaesthesia)



·         Learning objectives

·         Selection criteria

·         Training

·         Assessment

·         Maintenance of skills


Learning objectives:

·         Anaesthetic procedures: knowledge, skill, experience

·         Medical knowledge: general medicine, surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics, ICU, pain

·         Peri-op skills: resuscitation, trauma, pain relief

·         Non-technical skills: decision making, team leadership

·         Self-directed learning


Selection criteria:

·         General doctor experience: two years

·         Commitment to rural practice: at least one rural GP term

·         Courses: EMST, EMaC

·         Knowledge and skill



·         12 months – at least ¾ in anaesthesia

·         Through college of general practice or rural/remote medicine



·         Examination: written and viva

·         Log-book

·         Supervisor report


Maintenance of skills:

·         Case-load

·         CPD


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