PS02 2018: Credentialling and Scope of Practice



·         Credentialling process

·         Documents to be produced

·         Information required of applicants


Credentialling process:

·         Developed prospectively

·         Hospital-specific

·         Explicit inclusions and exclusions

·         Transparent

·         Limited duration, requiring re-assessment

·         Applicant allowed to comment prior to the decision

·         If recredentialling: evaluation by peers


Documents to be produced:

·         Information required of applicants

·         Information provided to applicants

·         Process for credentialing

·         Process for re-credentialling

·         Process for temporary or emergency credentialling

·         Process for suspension

·         Process for appeals

·         Policy on indemnity insurance requirements


Information required of applications:

·         Professional history: registration, employment, education, teaching, research

·         Existing limitations on practice

·         Mental and physical health including substance use

·         Police check, Working With Children Check

·         References


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