PS54 2013: Anaesthesia machines and workstations – safety



·         Safety requirements

·         Maintenance requirements


Safety requirements: checked each year

High pressure circuit

·      Pin indexing of cylinders

·      Reserve O2 cylinder

·      Non-interchangeable gas connections

·      Gas supply display

·      O2 failure -> stop N2O

·      Oxygen enters stream last

Low pressure circuit

·      Common gas outlet 22mm/15mm

·      Scavenging 30mm

·      High pressure relief valve

Gas and vapour controls

·      Knob for each gas

·      O2 knob on the far left

·      O2 knob feels different

·      Anti-hypoxic mechanism for N2O

·      Vapouriser interlock

·      Vapouriser dial turns on anticlockwise


·      Alarms and monitors automatically toggled with switch in mode

·      Big unstoppable noise if ↓↓O2

·      Big noise if ↑↑ airway pressure

·      Big noise if ↓↓ airway pressure

Anti-bum dial

·      For O2 flush button

·      For on-off switch


·      Backup power 30 minutes


Maintenance requirements: checked regularly (?)

·         Keep records

·         Ditch machine if repeatedly failing


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