RD05 (2016) Critical Incident Support


Patient and family:

·        Open disclosure

·        Truthful description of events

·        Apologise but not obliged to admit fault

·        Anaesthetist involved should be involved at some point


Anaesthetist: the ‘second victim’


·        Customised to the individual

·        Debrief should be available but not compuslory

·        MDO support

·        Personal support – family, mentor, peers

·        Professional support – psychologist, psychiatrist

·        Time off – due to impaired judgement + lots of paperwork; duration variable

·        Duration of support may be very long if gets sued


·        Dysfunctional behaviour

·        Adjustment disorder

·        PTSD

·        Early retirement

·        Substance abuse

·        Suicide



·        Debrief might help, esp if members known to each other. Person conducting it should be trained.



·        Root cause analysis must be performed

·        Confidentiality very important

·        No use having a judgemental culture

·        Department needs a dedicated support person

·        Hospital needs a trained critical incident support person (usually a psychologist)