NAP4 2011: Airway Complications


(Also see ANZCA PS61 CICO)


Biggest disasters: aspiration and CICO


Look out for:

·         Obesity (account for 2/3 of disasters)

·         Head and neck surgery

·         Post-extubation stridor in PACU

·         Failed intubation in A&E

·         Displaced trachie in ICU


Don’t (my notes):

·         Fail to do an airway assessment

·         Fail to consider risk of aspiration

·         Fail to get the equipment you need

·         Fail to get the people you need (i.e. senior help)

·         Fail to make a stepwise plan = she’ll be right

·         Do heaps of attempts at intubation

·         Use LMA when you shouldn’t (e.g. obese, aspiration risk)

·         Use first generation LMA inappropriately

·         Fail to use capno to confirm intubation

·         Fail to use capno to monitor in ICU and ED (especially bad)

·         Fail to perform AFOI when you should


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