2016B08 Describe how the vacuum-insulated oxygen evaporator works.



·      Diagramme

·      Function

·      Pros

·      Cons



How it works

·  Storage of O2

o Critical temp -118°C

o Boiling point -180°C

o Produced en masse by fractional distillation of air

o Transported to VIE

o Stored as liquid with saturated vapour

o Kept outside in gated area

·  If pressure too low: (e.g. oxygen taken from pipeline supply)

o If mild drop: vapourisation of liquid O2

o If severe drop: liquid O2 passed through pressure-raising vapouriser

o Vapourisation maintains low temperature

o Cold gaseous O2 passed through superheater (just coils exposed to ambient air, not actively heated)

o Alarms

·  If pressure too high:

o Safety release valve 7atm

o Pressure regulator 4atm

o Alarms


·  Large capacity compared with cylinder manifold

·  No active cooling required, very energy efficient


·  Expensive

·  Big




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